Founded in 1973 by Francisco Josť Schmaeing, Mertramar started in the port of Cadiz as shipping agent for a regular shipping line as well as tramp agent.

Later on and with the firm commitment to expand the service offered to its clients, Mertramar opens further offices in the ports of Algeciras and Seville and expands its activity range becoming also port operator, freight forwarder and custom agent.

Currently, the Mertramar Group has 8 company offices located at the main ports of Andalucia, Gibraltar and a main office in Madrid, as well as branch offices in most of the Iberian Peninsula and Islands ports and in main North European ports.

In its aim to guarantee a full range service to its clients, Mertramar offers today the following services: Shipping Agency, Sea, Land and Air Transport, Customs Clearance and Freight Forwarding, Warehousing and Distribution services.

One of its main assets relies on the experience and Know-how of more than 100 employees allowing us to offer our clients the maximum level of quality in service.

Some figures:

  • More than 700 vessels consigned a year
  • 20.000 TEUs and more than 5.500 rolling cargo shipped from the Peninsula to the Canary Islands
  • More than 22.000 TEUs shipped between the spanish mainland and the ports of Northern Europe
  • 15.000 trucks handled in transit between Tangiers/Casablanca and Algeciras/Cadiz
  • 3 weekly liner services Peninsula-Canary Islands, weekly service between Peninsula-Northern Europe, 3 weekly trains between Madrid and Andalucia
  • More than 4.000 m2 of warehousing facilities
  • 400.000 Tn of handled freight

some figures:

  • More than 700 vessels consigned a year
  • More than 42.000 TEUs shipped
  • 15.000 trucks handled in transit
  • 3 weekly services Peninsula-Canary Islands
  • 6 weekly services Peninsula-Northern Europe
  • Warehousing facilities
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