We are a European Union Authorised Economic Operator (AEO).

What does being an AEO involve?

An operator must meet a series of conditions to become an Authorised Economic Operator:

  • Have a satisfactory record of compliance with customs requirements.
  • Have a suitable system for managing trade records and, where applicable, records of carriage, to enable proper customs control.
  • Have proven financial solvency.
  • If applicable, it must have appropriate levels of physical and computer security.
  • Compliance with these requirements must be proven before the certificate is awarded. To do this, the application must be accompanied by exhaustive supporting information, which has to be verified by customs via a special prior-audit system.

Advantages for our clients

Mertramar has been an Authorised Economic Operator since 2012 and it recently renewed its certification in accordance with the latest requirements of the UCC (Union Customs Code).

Customs certificate held by the company Unión Logística Integral.

Customs certificate held by the company Mertramar Algeciras.

We are an AEO through the companies in the group that perform customs services. It means we can simplify customs procedures and offer security and protection. Our clients can take advantage of the ease that this certification represents as far as customs controls are concerned.

Our clients enjoy the benefits described below.

  • Fewer physical and documentation controls: reduction in the number of orange circuits (documentation inspections) and red circuits (physical and documentation inspections).
  • Priority in physical and documentation controls: faster performance of controls, where they are necessary.
  • Centralized Spanish office: ability to clear goods coming into any port.
  • Assistance in attaining eligibility for simplified customs procedures: possibility of enjoying simpler customs procedures.

Advantages of AEOs under the new Union Customs Code

Besides obtaining AEO certification several years ago, Mertramar has also renewed this certification in accordance with the new Union Customs Code (UCC). Further to the advantages for AEOs and their clients that are mentioned above, the UCC brings other improvements.

  • Possibility of European centralized clearance: lodging of customs declarations in countries other than the one where the goods are located.
  • International recognition of the AEO, which enables procedures to be simplified at origin and destination of the goods, which saves time and money for importers and exporters. Fewer physical and documentation controls.
  • Fewer guarantees required at customs, which reduces import costs and financing across the European Union.
  • Prior notice of physical controls: because we are informed of physical inspections, we can anticipate delays and avoid unnecessary costs.

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