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More than two million tonnes of fuel are supplied in the port each year by barge, pipelines and even truck tanks. Fuel operators have a storage capacity of 328,076 m³, which enables the Port of Las Palmas to provide the best and widest range of bunkering options in the zone.

All these services, combined with excellent communications with the rest of the world via Las Palmas International Airport, mean that the Port of Las Palmas is the ideal place to perform bunkering activities and all other operations involving vessels, including getting provisions, supplies and repairs.

A. Mateos & Sons Ltd, Las Palmas, offers:

  • Coordination of fuel supplies and timely information for everyone involved.
  • Coordination of other supplies like lube oil and water, in dock and at anchor.
  • Provision of spares, supplies and repairs. Las Palmas has one of the largest repair centres in southern Europe and along the northern coast of Africa, including underwater inspections, repairs and cleaning.
  • Barges for transferring crew and supplying stores and spare parts.
  • Processing of the different permits required for arriving and departing crew.
  • Warehousing: bonded and non-bonded. ADR warehousing available.
  • Supply and coordination of technical services for electronic equipment, gyrocompasses and similar services.
  • Collection of waste, oils and sludge from ships (depending on the characteristics of the waste) in compliance with the MARPOL international convention.
  • Crew changes.
  • Cash deliveries to the captain.
  • Medical assistance.

OPL (off port limits) services provided outside the port are primarily available for the delivery of supplies, documentation, spare parts and for bringing crew on board. The Port of Gibraltar has two areas where these operations can take place.

The fuel suppliers currently operating at the Port of Las Palmas are Aegean, CEPSA, Oryx and Vema Oil.

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