We cover all your excise and customs needs

Export clearance

We perform online submission of the export clearance documentation for your goods, which makes the exportation processes easier for you.

Thanks to our AEO certificate, the number of red circuits (documentation and physical inspections of goods) and orange circuits (documentation inspection) is massively reduced because the Spanish tax agency considers us to be a trusted company.

We advise companies about export procedures for their goods and the paperwork required for their products.

Import clearance

We simplify the entire customs paperwork process for imports through online submission of customs and tax declarations.

Mertramar has a Union Customs Code guarantee for all customs procedures, which enables us to make processing easier for our clients and avoid their goods getting stopped.

Besides performing clearance and doing customs paperwork for our client’s imports, we also offer them advice on coding their goods and calculating the best taxes and fees for their imports.

ATA carnet

Initiation and finalising of the ATA carnet for temporary exports and imports.

Processing with customs and shipping companies of all documentation for correct finalising of the ATA carnet and recovery of guarantees deposited with chambers of commerce.

EU transit document (T-1)

Mertramar facilitates the transit of goods between countries in the European Union through EU transit document (T-1). As a result of this document, goods from outside the EU can also travel to their final destination without losing their customs arrangement and without being subject to any type of import charges.

As a result of the transit guarantee we offer and our customs authorisation to use our own seals, our clients can easily transport their goods from one EU country to another, without delays or unnecessary costs.


We produce the T2L, which is the document that proves that our client’s goods are from the EU. This document is particularly useful for intra-European maritime freight transport.

Mertramar produces electronic T2Ls, which helps enormously with customs processing of these documents in the countries receiving the goods. This reduces costs for the exporter and decreases the time required to release containers from terminals.

Certificates of Origin

Certificates are used to prove the origin of goods, to satisfy customs or trade requirements. We can issue different types of certificate depending on our clients’ export needs.




Quasi-customs services

Mertramar attends and facilitates all types of control and inspection performed by the competent bodies to make these procedures easier and avoid unnecessary costs for importers and exporters.

We assist in health, veterinary, phytosanitary and SOIVRE (Spanish Official Service for the Inspection, Surveillance and Regulation of Exportations) inspections through dedicated staff who specializes in this type of work and who are familiar with the procedures and the people who perform the inspections.

Canary Islands services

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Customs warehouses

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Transit to Morocco

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